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ca. 1840 – 1865 OFFICER’S BRASS STIRRUPS – EXCELLENT, ATTRACTIVE PAIR:  This matched pair of decorative brass stirrups is the identical pattern of the two pairs of brass stirrups pictured on pages 284 and 285 of The American Military Saddle, 1776-1945.  Both of those pairs were found on Civil War era officers’ McClellan Saddles, one of those saddles being a very high grade brass bound example with a full quilted seat.   

These stirrups are of the type incorporated into the higher grade officers’ saddles of the Dragoon and Civil War periods, and are typical of the private purchase, special order work available to the high ranking or wealthy officer.  Measuring 6 ½”tall, and 4” wide, with treads 2 ¼” deep, these stirrups incorporate slotted treads with a hexagonal shaped cutout in the center of the tread leaving substantial surfaces fore and aft of the slot.  These surfaces are roughened by rows of hand applied gouges which raise a sharp point of metal and provide a firm purchase for the sole of the rider’s boot.  This manner of roughening the tread dates at least to the early standard issue Dragoon stirrups and was still in use on the Model 1863 Artillery Stirrup, further arguing for this set having been made for the military officer market.  The stirrup strap loops measures 1 ¼ ” wide and features a boxed configuration which serves as a keeper which maintains the two layers of the stirrup strap in line.  In spite of their graceful presentation, these are heavy brass stirrups designed to withstand the wear and abuse of extended field service – definitely intended for military use and not a plantation gentleman’s saddle.  This pair shows very little wear, is in excellent condition with no damage, and have a very pleasing old, deep patina.   

This very fine pair of original early officer’s stirrups would be an appropriate addition to complete an Eagle Head Saddle, an Officer’s Grimsley Dragoon Saddle, or one of the decorative officer’s McClellan Saddles dating from the Civil War, or as an attractive set that would display well on their own in your collection.    (0109)  $450




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