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MODEL 1909 CAVALRY BRIDLE w/ A MAKER MARKED MODEL 1909 CURB BIT – VERY NICE SET:  As described in the Ordnance Department Manuals of the period, and in use from 1909 on through World War One and to the mechanization of the horse cavalry, this Model 1909 Bridle and Bit was the standard issue for the 20th Century enlisted cavalryman.   

The design initially incorporated a detachable Bridoon Bit assembly that snapped onto the bronze standing loop on each of the cheek straps of the main bridle, but the second bit was eventually deemed unnecessary and was discontinued from service.   

This specimen is legibly marker marked on the top center of the crown, and is dated  “1918”, indicating the bridle was produced commensurate with the mobilization for World War One.  The two cheek pieces are stamped with the initials of a piece worker or inspector.  The leather shows little evidence of use, retaining a nice shiny surface finish and russet color, and all of the components are present and intact.  Both of the bridle medallions bearing the US Army eagle are present and are in full form.   There is no evidence of the commonly encountered saddler modifications where straps were shortened or the billet ends were cut off, a common practice in order to fit the bridle properly to the horse.   

The bridle is complete with the proper Model 1909 Curb Bit.  While showing some evidence of use and aging, the bit is full form, and retains the size stamp “1”, the “US”, and the maker’s mark “Y&T” for Yale and Townsend, one of the known contractors who produced these bits.   

This is a very attractive and complete example of the bit and bridle that served the US Army’s Horse Cavalry during the 20th Century, and would be an excellent set to display with any of the 20th Century US Army saddles.  SOLD




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