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1884 CAVALRY ENLISTED MAN’S DRESS UNIFORM COAT – VERY NICE CONDITION:  A true veteran of the Indian Wars Cavalry, this original Pattern 1884 Enlisted Man’s Dress Uniform Coat is in very nice condition, showing only minimal signs of wear and none of the excessive aging or deterioration so often suffered by these pieces of frontier uniforming.   

This Dress Coat is overall very clean, retaining a rich dark blue color throughout, and all of the original buttons are present on the epaulets, cuffs, tail and down the front.  The wool from which the body and sleeves of the coat is made is very solid with the only wear being a small tear at the point the shoulder joins the left sleeve (pictured below in the photographs).  The yellow facings and piping are on the whole intact throughout on the collar, shoulder tabs, cuffs, tails, and the front and lower edges of the coat. There is a spot of wear on the right side of the collar as can be seen in the photographs, to which has been applied an old repair.  There are some very small soil spots on the yellow facing on the tail of the coat.  There is a minor bit of wear – ˝” long -to the edge piping on the left side vent.  The remainder of the coat is very nice with no mothing or damage, no wear at the cuffs or to the front and lower edges except as noted above, and the balance of the piping is present and solid.   

The coat has the standard quilted white cotton lining in the body, and the cotton lining to the sleeves.  The wrist and arm pit area of the lining is solid without wear or tears, an unusual added value as this is where the wear normally occurs.  There is a short (2-3”) opening in the seam that runs down the center back of the lining which could be easily repaired if you choose to do so, or left as is with no compromise to the integrity of the coat.  There is a wear spot to the lining where the lining meets the inside bottom edge of the right side of the collar.  This wear is only cosmetic and does not compromise the seams or body of the coat – just honest wear.  The sleeves are lined with polished white cotton material and it is fully intact in both sleeves.  The skirt of the coat, below the waist, is lined with black satin which has some very minor soiling.  On the inside of right side skirt there is a label from the Eaves Costume Company of New York City.  Were it not for costume companies across the United States, many of the fine uniforms in collections today would not have survived.   

While most of us picture the frontier cavalry trooper dressed in dusty “dirty shirt blue” on campaign, these Dress Uniform Coats were an important part of the soldiers’ wardrobe and they were regularly worn for the weekly dress parades and other formal functions held at the posts large and small across the West.  One of the more striking dress uniforms worn by soldiers in the Indian War army, this Cavalry Enlisted Man’s Dress Coat is an extremely attractive, relatively scarce, and very desirable Indian War uniform piece and one that would be a fine center piece for any Indian Wars collection.  (0502)  $2250

NOTE:  To say that photographing dark blue wool is a challenge is an understatement.  Its closer to a nightmare.  In normal lighting, it appears black and none of the finer features or condition details can be seen clearly.  In order to highlight the features and provide you with an accurate view of the material, I have to lighten the contrast of the photograph which in turn causes the even colored dark blue wool to appear faded or discolored when such is not the case.  This coat is an even dark blue color as is seen in background wool surrounding the close up photograph of the button.  Trust that you will not be disappointed in this coat.   


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