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LETTERS ON INFANTRY BY PRINCE KRAFT INGELFINGEN 1905 EDITION TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH A TIMELESS CLASSIC GUIDE AND HANDBOOK FOR THE INFANTRY OFFICER:  First published in 1889, this Letters on Infantry was part of a three book set, Letters on Artillery and Letters on Cavalry, all written by Prince Kraft Zu Hohenlohe Ingelfingen, as an examination of the German army forces of the time.  While the particulars are naturally specific to that time calibers of arms, sighting systems, numbers of the forces the Prince managed to capture some of the finest ethics and standards of leadership with which he felt an army officer should be imbued and exhibit.  Throughout the volume the Prince repeatedly addresses the relationship between officers and enlisted men, and emphasizing the importance of the role of the officer when caring for the welfare of his troops. 

Prince Kraft Zu Hohenlohe Ingelfingen (1827 1892) was a Prussian general and a military writer of some note during the period of the German Empire.  One of his most notable assignments was commanding the German artillery forces during the attack on the fortifications of Paris during the Franco-Prussian War.  His writings were quite prolific and a number of them, such as this Letters on Infantry became classics read by officers across the globe. 

This is a complete printing in very good condition, showing only very minor shelf wear.  The original cloth covered spine and hard covers are fully intact with only minor edge wear and the pages show no wear or soiling. 

This 1905 printing of a military classic is not only an interesting period read, but is also a volume which provides sage advice and training valuable to a currently serving officer of any branch.  This would make a unique commissioning gift for a newly anointed officer.  (0338)  $95


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