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NORWEGIAN HISTORICAL ARMS AND ARMOR SOCIETY 2013 ANNUAL VERY NICE REFERENCE:  This is a very nicely done edition of the 2013 Annual Yearbook published by the Norwegian Historical Arms and Armor Society.  Printed on high quality stock in Norwegian and English, this 390 page hard bound edition features a number of interesting in-depth studies of various military collectibles, and each article is accompanied with numerous detailed photographs.   

The subjects range from the Dark Ages, including an in depth article on Viking War Axes, through the modern era including articles on Napoleonic War era uniforms, firearms and edged weapons, late 19th Century Norwegian Army uniforms, a detailed and extensive photo essay on Norwegian Uniforms 1910-1946 highlighted with numerous images, and a detailed article on the World War Two German Panzerschrek (antitank rocket). 

This copy is ex-libris and it is in very good condition, showing little handling with a tight binding and all the pages and both covers intact.  (0305)  $35


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