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1930 US ARMY “HANDBOOK FOR QUARTERMASTERS” – ONE OF THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE MANUALS OF THE DAY - DETAILING A WIDE RANGE OF EQUIPMENT TO INCLUDE ALL OF THE WAGONS, SADDLES AND HARNESS IN USE AT THE TIME – AN EXTREMELY VALUABLE REFERENCE IN EXCELLENT CONDITION:  This 1930 printing of the Handbook For Quartermasters, printed by the Government Printing Office in Washington, D.C., details the full range of equipment necessary for transporting, housing, feeding, and supplying the soldier.  Published in the period of transition when the cavalry was still mounted on horses and much of the army was supported by horse drawn vehicles, the manual does provide instructions and standards for maintaining the mechanized vehicles in service as well. 

While well circulated in its time, these Handbook For Quartermasters are not common, and when they are found, often present in very rough condition, evidence that they were regular use.  I found the copy I have in my library many years ago and have used it regularly ever since.   

The information contained in the over 1100 pages of this manual not only details the equipment, with accompanying photographs, but the text provides excellent insight into what information was available at the time, what priorities the army placed on the issues of quality, proper storage, maintenance, and repair.  Countless photographs and diagrams with detailed captions not only supplement the text, but provide excellent reference for collectors – many of the images unavailable from any other source.  Saddles, wagons, harness, bridles, tentage, cots, stoves for heating and cooking, ovens, cook sets, field kitchens, tool kits, forges, etc. are featured in the detailed photographs and numerous diagrams and blueprints detail the construction of every imaginable building to be found on an army post, water and sewerage systems, and plans for laying out the post – whether it was to be built of hard sided buildings or tents.   

The condition of the manual is excellent with minimal signs of use.  The hardboard covers and binding are secure and all the pages and plates are intact.  The name of the officer who owned this manual, a 1st Lieutenant Wallace Browning, is written in ink inside the front cover.    

Overall, this is an excellent example of an important Quartermaster Corps manual, and one that you really cannot afford not to have in your library.  SOLD


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