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FRANKFORD ARSENAL 50/70 AMMUNITION CARTON – DATED 1868:  I have handled a number of Frankford Arsenal .50 caliber, internally primed cartridge boxes through the years, but most of them were dated in the early 1870's.  This is one of the few that I have seen that was dated in the late 1860’s, contemporary to the issue of the Models 1866, 1868 and 1870 Springfield Rifles.  Issued for use in the US Army .50 caliber rifles and carbines alike during the 1866-1873 era, this original 20 Round “CENTRE PRIMED METALLIC CARTRIDGES CALIBRE .50” packet was produced at the Frankford Arsenal in 1868.   

This carton is empty and is missing the top panel.  The balance of the carton is full form, the pull string is full length, present, and attached, the label is fully present and very legible and the dividers are present and complete.  This is a scarce, desirable, early and historically significant Indian War ammunition carton that would be an excellent example to display with the early Indian War Springfield rifles.  $250



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